Iceland’s Tiny Houses For “Hidden Folk”

In the enchanting landscapes of Iceland, you might stumble upon a tiny, intricately designed house called an Alfhól. Alfhóls are built specially for the “huldufólk” — or hidden folk — of Icelandic folklore. Many Icelanders still hold a genuine belief in elves and construct the tiny homes as a gesture of goodwill. The houses are intricately designed to resemble traditional Icelandic homes. While some Alfhóls are simple stone structures, others can be quite elaborate, replicating churches, homes with turf roofs, or even modern-day structures. Attention to detail is evident in many of these tiny abodes, complete with doors, windows, and external decorations. So steeped is the tradition that there have been instances where road construction projects in Iceland were altered or postponed due to concerns about disturbing the habitats of the hidden folk. Stories of elves and hidden folk have been passed down through generations. These tales are a part of Iceland’s rich tradition, giving the folktales a life of their own.