Golden Retriever Becomes “Golden Receiver” After Neighbor Rigs Ingenious Way to Deliver Toys to Him

Coby the Golden Retriever gets special deliveries that are transferred across a clothes line from his neighbor’s apartment to his owner Alyssa’s apartment. The clothes line stretches between the two dwellings, and the neighbor regularly uses it send toys and treats flying across to his furry friend. The neighbor took to TikTok, posting several videos of Coby receiving toys and treats, and it wasn’t long before the videos were racking up over a million views. Coby and his generous neighbor finally met, with the pampered pooch excitedly running up to his new friend for the first time. Alyssa surmises that he recognized the man from the balcony. Needless to say, commenters have been expressing their joy at watching the videos, with some asking if this neighbor could become Coby’s new dad. One commenter even said, “We came for Coby. We stayed because we want to see what happens with you and the neighbor.”