Behold the “Doughrito” — A Breakfast Burrito Featuring a Whole Donut Inside

It’s the age-old battle of the breakfasts — are you in the mood for something sweet or something savory? Now, you can have both. Surfin’ Donuts, a southern California donut chain, has just crafted a treat that avoids the flavor dilemma altogether. In the tradition of hybrids like the cronut, cruffin, and bruffin, Surfin’ Donuts is offering an intriguing delicacy they’ve named the “doughrito.” It’s a burrito — with eggs, meat, cheese, and salsa wrapped in a flour tortilla — but it’s also stuffed with a sweet glazed donut. Patrons can choose from a glazed, maple, sugar or chocolate donut and decide what meaty protein to stuff inside. It sounds extreme, but perhaps it’s a more appropriate way to start the day than with, say, an Oreo-stuffed bagel.