Audio Illusion Drives Listeners Wild……What do YOU Hear?

An audio clip shared by a New Zealand radio show has people questioning what they did or didn’t hear, with a variation of possible sentences to be heard. The auditory illusion was shared by DJs Jay and Dunc on The Rock FM. The DJs played the sound on their show to test what each other could hear, and the results were surprising. The original audio was made by the Derby County Football Club in the UK, who chanted “That is embarrassing” to the tune of La Donna e Mobile from Rigoletto. Apparently, not everyone hears the same thing, dividing audiences. The DJs took to the air to demonstrate the power of suggestion. As explained by Valerie Haza, Professor of Speech Sciences at University College London, the issue is that your brain latches onto one of the high frequency auditory patterns and will find the “best fit.”