Welcome To the Fake Town Where No One Lives

There’s a small town in Canada where no one lives but everyone has seen. Pickering, Ontario, is home to the fake town on a 90-acre backlot that features 30 storefronts and provides an array of backdrops, from a rustic small town to the modern streets of New York City. There are even stretches of abandoned acreage and backwoods for rural shots. Everything in the town is fake, starting with the fake gas station, fake pharmacy, fake diner, fake dry cleaners, fake variety store, and so on. The fictitious town has 5 interior sets — including a gas station, a diner, a barber shop, a town hall and a police station — and 30 exterior storefronts. If you think you haven’t seen it, you have if you’ve watched programs like Amazon’s Reacher, Murdoch Mysteries, The Walking Dead, or the Netflix series Wednesday.