Water-skiing Squirrel Delights Crowds In Florida

A water-skiing squirrel named Twiggy is taking Florida by storm. The squirrel’s owners, Toni and Chuck Best, know how to put on a show with their super-talented pet, especially after showing her how to water ski. The couple regularly puts on shows to entertain crowds of people. Twiggy and her 3 siblings were rescued from the wild and rehabilitated. Squirrels are very intelligent animals, so it didn’t take long for them to catch on to the joys of water-skiing. Practicing about 5-10 minutes a day over a few months, the squirrels were able to conquer water sports. Each squirrel has a different personality, and the couple says if a particular squirrel doesn’t want to learn to water ski, that’s fine with them. As for Twiggy, she can’t get enough of the camera.