This Shopping Mall Bathroom Has Been Dubbed the World’s Most Beautiful Public Bathroom

Tucked away on the 6th floor of the Deji Plaza Shopping Mall in Nanjing, China, is one of the fanciest, most impressive public bathrooms in the world. Designed by architectural firm X+Living, the bathroom starts out with a long corridor lined with plants coming out of the walls. This part of the bathroom was designed as “an immersive walk-through-a-garden experience”, but it’s hard to focus on the green decor with dozens of giant lamps shining on you from above, and with the light reflecting on the glossy floor. At the end of the corridor is a lounge area, complete with a sofa that’s inspired by the petals of a flower. It’s here that visitors who don’t need to use the facilities can wait for their friends in comfort. Both the men’s and women’s facilities feature custom decor, complete with fountain-inspired sinks positioned at different heights to make them accessible by both children and adults. There’s a lot going on in this bathroom, from abstract geometry and shapes inspired by flowers to plush vanity chairs and lots of LED strips. While public bathrooms don't exactly conjure up pleasant memories, step inside this one and you might just change your mind.