The Dangers of “Magnet Fishing”

If you’ve never heard of magnet fishing, you’re not alone. Magnet fishing is searching in outdoor waters for ferromagnetic objects available to pull with a strong magnet. The hobby is a sort of treasure hunting where magnets are used to pull up items like coins and jewelry from the water, hopefully rare and valuable items. While there are known dangers like pulling up loaded guns, unexploded bombs, and sharp pieces of metal, there’s one more danger that most people don’t consider. Last year, Texan Laura Adams was standing on a bridge magnet fishing, when the next thing she knew she found herself slamming into the water about 15 feet below. That’s because the magnet that she had on a rope tied around her wrist was drawn to a boat that came flying by under the bridge. Adams was snatched off the bridge and would have drown had her boyfriend, John Marshall, not dived in after her. Adams survived, but not without scars to commemorate her story. Aside from bruises and bumps, she tore her rib muscles and had a painful recovery period. The couple said the boater left before officials could arrive. They want their situation to serve as a warning to people who go magnet fishing — don’t ever attach your magnet to your body.