Kroger Location Converts To Entirely Self-Checkout

With the writers and actors in Hollywood on strike to combat the threat of AI taking some of their jobs, it’s no wonder that Americans are beginning to wonder if they’ll soon be out of a job. Now it seems that grocery giant Kroger is dipping its toe in the AI pool. Its store in Franklin, Tenn., has just been converted to an all self-checkout store. All of the store’s cashiers and baggers were moved to other duties in the store on July 21. This particular store was chosen because the rate of customers who were already using self-checkout was very high, which made the location ideal for conversion. In addition to the change, the location has also added sider lanes to help accommodate shoppers with larger orders. For those who are not fond of self-checkout, the staff will still be available in the store to help. Additionally, Kroger said there are plans to make another Tennessee store 100% self-checkout, and that 100% self-checkout will possibly expand to more locations later this year. The grocer said that some job titles were changed, but no jobs were eliminated in order to accommodate the updates.