Kia Introduces An 11-Seat Minivan

There’s no avoiding the fact that vehicles are getting bigger and bigger these days and there are now more vehicles than ever that can accommodate 6, 7, or even 8 people in varying degrees of comfort. What if an 8-seater van still doesn’t have enough seating capacity for your needs? The answer has arrived in the shape of the all-new Kia Carnival 11-seater. The Carnival offers plenty of room for all passengers, as well as a cargo space of 40.2 cubic feet and expandable to a maximum of 145.1 cubic feet with the third-row seats folded down. The standard seating capacity is 7, but the Multiflex Seating System allows up to 11 people, thanks to a fourth row of seats that conveniently folds away into the floor when not in use. Before you get too excited, leg room in the fourth row is limited, so only small adults and children would be comfortable. There’s plenty you can do to customize the interior of the Carnival to suit your needs, but because people were having a hard time figuring it out, Kia made an instructional video to show the way. As for the price, the Kia Carnival starts at $33,100.