Jealous Husband Didn’t Speak To His Wife For 20 Years

It’s natural for married couples to have the occasional spat — and the proverbial silent treatment that often follows — but one man took it to a whole new level…….and it had nothing to do with an argument. Otou Yumi is an elderly man from Nara, Japan, who lives with his wife Katayama and their 3 children. To outsiders, the family is living a completely normal life. However, according to his kids, Otou hasn’t spoken to his wife for more than 20 years. Katayama has made multiple attempts to talk to her husband over the past 2 decades, but he only responds with grunts and nods. Hoping to fix the situation, the couple’s youngest son, 18-year-old Yoshiki, contacted a popular Japanese TV show and asked them for help to reunite his parents. A meeting was arranged between them in the park where they had their first date, as their emotional children watched on. The video below tells the story. Otou later explained that he had given his wife the cold shoulder out of jealousy for the attention and care she gave their children.