Funeral Home Offers Pink Coffins With Barbie Linings

The Alpha and Omega Funeral home has taken Barbie mania to a whole new level, offering pink coffins with Barbie linings. It’s all designed so you can be a Barbie fan until the day you die — and even after that. Owner Isaac Villegas said he had already offered the option of pink coffins before the July premiere of the Barbie movie, but the craze that followed convinced him to decorate the cloth linings of the coffins with pictures of the doll. The coffins are also decorated with little white stars. Since he launched the new line of coffins, he’s sold around 10 of them. Villegas said until a year ago, the preferred favorites were traditional coffins in colors like brown, black, white or gray. After selling his first pink coffin to a family that wanted their relative buried in coffin with a happier color, he decided to add the pink coffin to his standard line.