Forget Speed Bumps — This French Village Uses Squiggly Lines To Control Speeders

At a glance, it looks like a piece of abstract art, but this junction in a French village hasn’t been decorated for aesthetic purposes but to deter drivers from speeding. The seemingly random squiggles were painted on road sections leading to a T-junction in the village of Baune, just south of Paris. The controversial markings aren’t to everyone’s liking, with one local saying the lines gave her seasickness, while another suggested they could be dangerous. The lines were introduced following a discussion between local officials over concerns about speeders driving through the 19mph zone. Mayor Audrey Revereault says it is hoped that the markings will create a visual disturbance and slow drivers down. The goal was to make it difficult to read the landscape. The markings were introduced last month, and while they're not final, the city is hoping that the lines will result in a reduction in speeding in the area.