Egg-Shaped Personal Flying Airscooter Can Zip Through the Skies at 62mph

Designed as an alternative to the automobile, the Airscooter can zip through the air at 62mph, thanks to hybrid-powered rotor blades. Inventor Franky Zapata claims that anyone who has minimal training can operate the vehicle from inside its weird egg-shaped cockpit, as they enjoy views at  up to 9,800 feet. A journey that would take about 2 hours by car during peak times would be reduced to just 10 minutes by Airscooter. However, it’s not as eco-friendly as other flying concepts because it partly uses fuel for propulsion, making its carbon footprint comparable to that of a passenger car. Airscooter is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, which can take off straight up into the air, reducing the need for runway space. Thanks to its hybrid-electric propulsion system, Airscooter offers a 2-hour flight, which is longer than any other VTOL in the market. Its cockpit has two gaming-style joysticks that make it easy to handle by anyone who's had a short training session. Airscooter’s lightweight design is just 253 pounds, which is barely the same as two average-sized people — although only one person at a time can fit inside. Although it's been designed for the general public as an alternative to cars, Airscooter won't be put up for sale for people to buy. Instead, people will pay to pilot their own flight for up to 40 minutes while enjoying scenic views out of the vessel's windows. It's unclear how much the rates will be, but flight centers will be opening in the U.S. next year.