Animal Experts Weigh In On Whether a Bear at a Zoo is Really a Human in a Bear Suit

When a video of a bear at the Hangzhou Zoo in China went viral, people began to cry foul, saying the bear was really a human in a bear suit. Now animal experts have weighed in on the issue, confirming that the bear is, in fact, an animal. The strange bear standing on two legs drew attention to its saggy bottom and stumpy legs, but now a new video from another angle sheds new light on the story. Dr. Ashleigh Marshall, an expect from the Chester Zoo in England, said the animal is definitely a real bear. She explained that the folds on its back — assumed to be evidence of an ill-fitting costume — help protect the bear from predators, as the looseness allows the bear to turn around in their skin and fight back if grabbed. Hangzhou Zoo was quick to address the bear’s unusual appearance, explaining that sun bears have distinct features like hairless soles that may look like feet, but are adapted to help them climb. They went on to say that it’s not unusual to see a bear standing on two feet, especially when they want to get a better look, pick up a scent, or simply to strike a more intimidating pose.