America’s Cheapest Home Hits the Market For $1

The cheapest house in America can be yours for just $1 — less than a cup of coffee (except at Starbucks!) — but it might take some imagination if you want to make it your dream home. The 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom house located in Pontiac, Mich., is quite the fixer-upper, complete with features like overgrown shrubbery, a hole in the floor, and "exotic weeds" that invite local critters to an impromptu garden party. Offers will be accepted until 10 a.m. Wednesday for the bargain-priced 5,227 square foot house that hit the market this week. Originally built in 1956, the house previously sold for $32,400 in 2004 and $4,092 in 2022. As of July 2023, the median listing for a home in Pontiac — about 29 miles from Detroit — was $144,700. Priced at a mind-boggling $1, this home is not just a house — it’s a ticket to the real estate adventure of a lifetime. The price comes with a catch……well, several catches……including a faulty roof, a hole in the floor, and unfinished walls. But wait, there’s more! The garden is a blank canvas waiting for your green thumb to work its magic. It’s so wild that even Mother Nature would raise an eyebrow. Only those brave souls who are willing to turn a blind eye to the repairs screaming to be made will believe the listing challenge to “Don’t just buy a house — buy an experience!”