A Texas Woman Mowing Her Lawn Is Attacked By a Hawk and a Snake Simultaneously

A Texas woman is rattled but recovering after being viciously attacked by a snake and a hawk at the same time. Peggy Jones was mowing her lawn at around 8 p.m. in the evening when a large snake fell from the sky and landed on her. The snake, which had been dropped by a hawk, wrapped itself around her arm. The hawk, keen to retrieve its lunch, swooped down and began attacking Peggy as well. The 64-year-old began shaking her arm vigorously in an effort to get the snake to detach, but the reptile just wrapped and squeezed tighter and tighter. In addition, the snake was striking Peggy in the face, as well as spewing a liquid she assumed was venom. The hawk continued to dart in and out, grabbing for the snake, its wings slapping Peggy in the process. Hearing his wife’s screams, Peggy’s husband Wendell, who had been mowing another section of the lawn, rode over to help her. By then, the hawk had finally been successful in winning back the snake and immediately retreated. Wendell rushed Peggy to the ER, where her wounds were bandaged and she was put on antibiotics. The doctors determined that she was not bitten by the snake, which is about the only good news that came out of the incident.