Women Who Live Like Barbie

Preview shots of the new film Barbie show so much candy pink and magenta that it will have some people reaching for their sunglasses. If you hate the color pink, this might be one movie you'll want to skip. There are, however, real women who actually live like Barbie. From Barbie pink front doors to pink stair runners, their houses are decked out in the Pepto-Bismol color from basement to attic. To go “Barbiecore” as they call it, you have to be brazen. There’s no point in playing it safe with a few pink cushions or accessories, and these extraordinary homes illustrate that. Amy Griffith, 47, is one of those who played with Barbie dolls as a child and now has a real-life Barbie Dreamhouse of her own. Her 6-bedroom, 7-bathroom home in Essex, UK, is known by many as the “Barbie house.” Small wonder, since it’s even painted pink on the outside. The style is eclectic, daring and kitschy  with bedrooms, bathrooms, a dining room, hallway and extensive gardens decorated and accessorized in every shade of pink, from blush to neon. You would never guess it from looking at the outside of Sophia Ferrari-Wills’ traditional 5-bedroom cottage in Cambridgeshire that it’s like stepping inside a Barbie Dreamhouse. The sales manager mother-of-two hand-painted each spindle of the wood staircase in the house. Even the fence in the garden is painted pink. Kate Morgan’s 3-bedroom townhouse in Essex has had the full Barbie treatment. Her home is now a glorious tribute to all things pink and pastel, from the pink-painted paving on her patio to the flowers stenciled on the steps of her staircase. Finally, there’s Lucy Saxton-Quinn, a communications manager who has gone all-out Barbiecore in her bright pink kitchen — with her husband’s full encouragement. She shares the 2-bedroom maisonette in Tunbridge Wells with her husband Jason and their two dogs. The couple admits that their living room needs redecorating, and they’ve agreed that it’s going to be pink. There's little doubt that all these women will be rushing to the theater to see the Barbie movie.

Amy Griffith

Sophia Ferrari-Wills

Lucy Saxton-Quinn