Why You Never Want To Use Free Toiletries In Hotels

A traveling hotel manager has revealed the items you should never use during your stay. The unidentified manager said that when you check into your room and go into the bathroom, if you see full-size shampoo bottles, conditioner, and/or body wash, never use them. That’s because they aren’t secure. The tops can be easily unscrewed and previous guests can put anything they want in them, including hair color, bleach, etc. The hotel manager suggests that you always bring your own mini-size shampoo, conditioner and body wash. If, however, you happen to forget to bring your own, go to the front desk and ask for a fresh set or even the mini bottles that are sometimes provided. One woman who commented on the advice said that she discovered too late that someone had put hair removal cream in a shampoo bottle. You can never be too careful.