Who Wants To Ride In a Sauna Bus?

A new cultural trend in Japan has emerged from the fusion of public transportation and traditional wellness practices. A retired public bus has been creatively redesigned to be a functional mobile sauna and now roams the streets of Hyogo prefecture. The “Sabus” isn’t just a manifestation of Japanese ingenuity, it represents a revolution in urban relaxation. The exterior boasts the familiar orange hue that once signaled the bus’s transportation role, while the interior transports people into a realm of steamy warmth and tranquility. The bus seats have been replaced with a compact sauna, a waiting room, and an open deck. The sauna — clad in aromatic Japanese hinoki cypress wood — can accommodate up to 6 people. Its large window offers a panoramic view of the surroundings, allowing bathers to enjoy scenic landscapes while they steam away their stress. The waiting room is a relaxation space with wooden benches and is designed for post-sauna cool downs and socializing. Finally, the bus’s rear hosts an open deck, equipped with a shower for bathers to rinse off and freshen up. The sauna bus isn’t just a place to relax and unwind; it’s a communal space that brings people together wherever it goes.