"Today" Host Al Roker Is Horrified After Finding Out How Often People Are Really Meant To Shower

Al Roker isn’t willing to follow the doctor’s orders when it comes to showering. On a recent show, Today’s editorial director Adrianna Brach sat down with Roker and his co-hosts, Dylan Dryer and Sheinelle Jones, to guess how many times dermatologists say you should shower per week. While Roker chose A (every day), Dryer and Jones predicted it was C (5 times). Brach surprised the hosts when she announced that they were all wrong. It turns out that dermatologists recommend that people shower 2-3 times per week. Roker’s jaw dropped in disgust, appalled at the thought of not showering every day. Brach went on to explain that how often people shower is a personal preference and that it depends on the lifestyle, skin, age, and activity level as well. While Roker confessed that he typically showers twice a day, both of his co-hosts agreed that was too much.