“The View” Is Not What Barbara Walters Intended

Things aren’t what they once were at The View, especially given that the headlines are rife with incidents involving Whoopi Goldberg on an almost daily basis. Many people thought that Goldberg’s comment about the Holocaust not being about race would be enough to ban her from the show, but apparently ABC has turned a blind eye and deaf ear to just about everything the 67-year-old does on the show. In 1977, when veteran broadcast journalist Barbara Walters put together the initial panel of women on The View, the idea was to have a group of women from different generations and backgrounds who would talk about topics of the day. Today, the show has become not only super politicized, but the butt of just about every joke made about daytime talk shows. Many people believe the show took a downward spiral when both Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg were brought onboard. Today, it’s basically their view, period. Yet, social media is reeling, wondering why ABC continues to air a biased show, basically run by two women who could start a fight in an empty room.