The Quaint New York Village With Hundreds of Colorful Tiny Homes

Nestled in Tompkins County, near Ithaca, New York, is a village of tiny houses that builder Bruno Schickel began constructing in 1996. The gingerbread-style abodes were inspired by Barbara Cooney’s illustrations in the children’s book Miss Rumphius, which Schickel used to read to his daughters. Today, there are 140 colorful structures, ranging from studios to 2-bedroom gatehouses, with rents starting at $1,545 a month. Thanks to their unique look, the Boiceville Cottages typically have a 100% percent occupancy rate all year round. The cottages are decked out with wood beams running throughout the vaulted ceilings in the main living spaces. The most expensive and largest rentals on the estate are the 2-bedroom gatehouses, which are priced at $2,145 a month. All of the cottages are pet friendly, with up to three 4-legged friends allowed per unit. As for the utilities, the bills typically range from $100 to $125 a month. The homes average 1,000 square feet, and each has a view of Seneca Lake. On-site amenities include 24-hour access to the community center, a gym, widespread hiking trails, and numerous restaurants nearby.