The Actor Who Holds The Guinness World Record For the Most Weight Gained For a Role

Acting is a craft that allows people to become entirely different characters, but sometimes raw talent isn’t enough for that transformation process. Many actors have changed their bodies for a role, whether that be through packing on the pounds or slimming down. Perhaps nobody has shown more commitment to their art than Vincent D’Onofrio, who put on a staggering amount of weight for his role in Full Metal Jacket. The 1987 film, directed by Stanley Kubrick, follows U.S. Marines being put through their paces during boot camp training. D’Onofrio plays the role of Private Leonard “Gomer Pyle” Lawrence, an overweight and awkward member of the platoon. For the role, D’Onofrio was required to put on 70 pounds, bringing him up to 280 pounds. No actor since has ever beaten his record. The weight gain, however, didn’t come without consequences. On one obstacle course, D`Onofrio injured his knee so badly it required surgical reconstruction. After filming wrapped, D’Onofrio lost the weight and returned to his normal 210 pounds, though it took him 9 months to do it.