Teller Dupes Bank Robber into Waiting in Lobby Until Police Arrive

A man rolled up to a PNC Bank in Hollywood, Fla., with a plan to nab some fast cash, but instead of walking out with a bundle of money, he was hoodwinked. James Kelly, 77, went to the branch on Tyler Avenue wearing a polo shirt, gray shorts, and a white hat while carrying a white mesh bag. He handed the teller a note that read “Give me the money.” The teller pretended not to see the note and handed a bank withdrawal slip to Kelly. He responded by saying, “I’m not here for that. I’m here to rob you.” In response, the teller pretended she was having computer issues and asked Kelly to have a seat in the lobby. Unbelievably, he complied. Meanwhile, the teller had tripped the silent alarm, and before long the police arrived and entered through a back entrance. They found Kelly sitting in the lobby and cuffed him. He was then transferred to the FBI Miami field office for an interview, during which he waived his right to remain silent and admitted to attempting to rob the bank. Kelly faces a maximum 20-year sentence for attempted bank robbery. Perhaps while serving his time, he can read "Bank Robbing For Dummies."