Reports of a “Screaming Woman” Turns Out To Be a Parrot

Police swooped in on a home in Essex, England, following reports of a screaming woman. Three police cars had been dispatched to the property before officers realized the sounds were coming from a yellow-naped Amazon parrot named Freddie. A concerned neighbor had placed the call, and when homeowner Steve Wood opened the door, he was shocked to see police. The 54-year-old turned out to be not only a bird keeper, but a retired policeman as well. He assured the officers that the noises were coming from his 3-year-old pet parrot. Wood, who keeps 22 parrots, said the mix-up made his day. The two officers who knocked on Wood’s door were laughing along with him, grateful that Wood understood how someone could mistake Freddie’s screaming for a woman in distress. All’s well that ends well.