Need to Catch a Tiger? Try Calvin Kline’s Obsession for Men

In 2018, authorities in India had been trying to capture a tigress called T1 and her two cubs, with no success. The tigress had managed to kill more than a dozen people in Maharashtra. In an effort to bring the killings to an end, authorities had tried traps, tranquilizers, and armed police patrols, but the tigers outmaneuvered them all. With most of the options being exhausted, wildlife veterinarian Dr. H.S. Prayag decided one solution may be cologne. It turns out that Chanel No. 5, Jovan Musk, and CK Obsession contain civetone, a pheromone that the civet cat uses for marking its territory. It actually smells like poop, but when it’s diluted, it becomes very floral, and cats can’t get enough of it. In fact, some catnip is made with civet oil. Authorities decided that since Calvin Kline’s Obsession for Men was the cheapest of the perfumes, that’s the one they would use to lure T1. Sure enough, it worked and T1 and her cubs were taken to a wildlife refuge, thus ending the killing spree.