Is McDonald’s Guilty of “Greedflation?”

A McDonald’s franchise has come under fire for charging nearly $18 for a Big Mac meal, after the fast-food giant was accused of “greedflation.” The Connecticut restaurant, located by a popular interstate, drew attention for its inflated menu prices, with other burger meals also listed for the same price or higher prices. A diner named Sam took to social media, where he posted pictures of the inflated menu showing the Big Mac meal, which includes fries and a drink, for $17.59, as well as a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Bacon for $18.99. The 10-piece Chicken McNugget meal, which typically costs $6.49, was listed for $18.29. The post attracted a flurry of comments, pointing out that McDonald’s is a fast-food restaurant, not an upscale bistro. According to The Economist, the price of McDonald’s staple has shot up by 125% since 1996, and in the last two years it has soared by 6%. The Big Mac cost just 45¢ when it first appeared at a Pennsylvania franchise in 1967, before it was launched nationwide. According to global strategist Albert Edwards, inflation is going to stay much higher than it needs to be, because companies are being greedy.