Gen Z Is Ditching Smartphones for Vintage Flip Phones

There’s a growing movement among Gen Z (ages 11-26) to do away with smartphones and revert back to “less smart” phones like the old-school flip and slide phones. Flip phones were popular in the mid-1990s, but fell out of favor with the introduction of the smartphone. While the switch to flip phones might seem like a counterintuitive trend in our technology-reliant society, dumb phones are steadily gaining in popularity, with sales of flip phones on the rise. Gen Z’s interest in flip phones is the latest in a series of obsessions they’re having with the aesthetics of the 1990s. Even Y2K fashion has been making a comeback, as well as the use of vintage technology like disposable cameras. Of course, this trend doesn’t mean that smartphones are going out of style. There are still millions of them being shipped worldwide every year. The trend may result in users opting to own both a smartphone and a flip phone. That’s where the Galaxy Z Flip4 comes in with its “have your cake and eat it too” smartphone. You can fold it like a flip phone, but still enjoy all the smartphone features.

Galaxy Z Flip4