Finnish Company Develops Bizarre 18-Wheel All-Terrain Vehicle

Finnish startup 18 Wheels has introduced an innovative all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that stands out for its eco-friendly features. It's not only powered by an all-electric motor but also designed to leave no marks on the ground it traverses, ensuring a minimal environmental impact. The ATV’s movement is reminiscent of a millipede, with the wheels positioned under the body and trailing backward. Although the concept may resemble a millipede on wheels, its unique design and capabilities set it apart. While the prototype was developed last year, the company has continued to refine the concept using mathematical modeling. The current prototype can reportedly overcome obstacles up to 7 inches in height without sacrificing speed. It can traverse various terrains, including soil, rocks, and trees, and can even function as a small boat when faced with a water obstacle. The company is actively working on further improving the ATV, with the next iteration expected to be released in October of this year.