DoorDash Will Now Pay Delivery Drivers An Hourly Wage On Top of Tips

As a food delivery customer, it can be pretty frustrating to discover that some of your food order is missing. The driver is gone, it’s a whole big thing to contact the delivery service and lodge a complaint, and most customers simply give up and never use the service again. TikTok is loaded with videos showing DoorDash drivers admitting to stealing food or eating portions of the food order before delivering it. Comments made by the drivers themselves indicate that the practice comes out of frustration for not being tipped enough or, in some cases, not at all. That bad habit might be about to change now. DoorDash said on Wednesday that it would begin giving its delivery drivers the option to be paid an hourly minimum wage, instead of earning money for each delivery. The hourly rate includes only active time — meaning the time between accepting and dropping off an order — and does not include the period when drivers are waiting for the next order. Tips would be applied on top of the hourly base pay. DoorDash drivers who chose to be paid hourly and those earning money per delivery are likely to earn a similar amount. The minimum compensation will depend on the region and will range from $10 to $19.50 per hour.