Celebrity Look-Alikes Shared On Social Media

Perhaps you’ve found yourself walking down the street, when all of a sudden you spot someone who looks just like someone you know. It might be a close friend, a well-known public figure, or even you. It can be quite a spooky moment because there’s only a 1 in 135 chance that there’s even a single pair of exact doppelgängers out there. Nonetheless, there are plenty of folks who are close enough to the real deal to warrant your attention. Social media is rife with doppelgängers, and here are some of the ones who will make you look twice.
Harry Potter fans might actually think they're looking at Daniel Radcliffe

Speaking of Harry Potter, is that Severus Snape manning the airline desk? 

Brother Zuckerberg of Our Lady of Facebook

If Brendan Fraser had a daughter.........perhaps Brenda Fraser?

A toast from Leonardo Dicarbio

What Will Ferrell looks like after one too man "Anchorman" movies

If Snoop Dogg were white

If Ross Geller on "Friends" were a referee instead of a paleontologist

What's the likelihood of Gordon Ramsay and Ed Sheeran traveling in the same car?

What does it look like I do for a living? Perhaps I work in an office, like John Krasinski.

If Ellen Degeneres really WAS a man

Robert Downey, Jr. called and wants his face back

Rookie Balboa?

Is that Chevy chasing wild berries?

He looks like he slapped the face right off Will Smith

Dwayne "The Wok" Johnson