Canada Actually Has a Cheeto Statue

In the quaint town of Cheadle, Alberta, stands a colossal statue of a Cheeto. Standing nearly 20 feet tall, the statue was born out of an unusual collaboration between Cheetos Canada and the local community of Cheadle, a town with a population of less than 200 people. The idea was to boost tourism and put Cheadle on the map. The statue features a giant, crinkly Cheeto, intricately designed to mirror the snack’s iconic look, elevated on a stand that boasts the Cheetos logo. The structure even lights up at night. The statue is a representation of the “Cheetle” — a term coined by Cheetos to describe the cheesy dust left on your fingers after enjoying a bag of the snack. As you might imagine, the statue has been met with mixed reviews. Some locals view it as a quirky attraction that has brought a new sense of vibrancy to the town, while others see it as a giant eyesore. Critics argue that the funds used to erect the statue could have been spent on more practical community initiatives. Whether you see it as an eyesore or an art piece, there’s no denying the statue’s buzz-generating power.