Burger King Thailand Has a Meatless Burger With Just 20 Slices of Cheese

If you’re a cheese lover, you may be wishing you lived in Thailand. That’s because Burger King has just announced a new menu at Burger King Thailand that contains an item you won't find in the U.S.: The Real Cheese Burger. It's nothing more than a bun filled with up to 20 slices of cheese. That’s it! No meat, condiments, lettuce, tomato, or onion. The cheese sandwich costs 109 Thai baht ($3.14), compared to the normal price of 380 Thai baht $10.95). Promotional images show the slices melted, but customers have been using social media to share images of the cheesy monstrosity with a cold stack of cheese. That pretty much sums up how meat lovers feel about the new sandwich.