Actors With Bizarre Contract Clauses

When the blockbuster film Black Adam hit theaters last fall, fans of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson noticed that the character never lost a fight in the film. Digging deeper, it appears that The Rock’s contractual clause from the Fast & Furious film series has been retained for all his movies, which essentially stipulates that the actor can’t lose an on-screen fight. The Rock isn’t the only box office star who has a strange contract clause. In fact, some of the most famous actors in history have been known to mandate unbelievable conditions while on movie sets, and here are just a few:

Queen Latifah has an anti-death clause in her contract. Following her character Cleo’s death at the end of the 1996 crime thriller Set It Off, Latifah didn’t want to experience such an on-screen fate ever again, so she negotiated a clause in her contract that ensures all of her movie characters survive to the end of each movie. 

Famed TV actress Julianna Marguiles only agreed to play the role of Alicia Florick if she was allowed to wear a wig on The Good Wife whenever she felt like it. The reason she gave was that she didn’t want Alicia to resemble her character Carol Hathaway on the hit medical drama ER
Most A-list movie stars welcome the opportunity to earn more revenue through video games and action figures, but not Tom Cruise. He has stipulated in his movie contracts that his physical likeness cannot be replicated for use in video games or toy lines.