The World’s Deepest Hotel Isn’t Easy To Get To

Talk about a deep sleep — a hotel that claims to be the deepest in the world has just opened in Wales. Called Deep Sleep, the hotel is located 1,375 feet below the mountains of Snowdonia in an abandoned slate mine. Staying at the hotel means you’d better have some deep pockets as well. Costing up to $685 a night, Deep Sleep can only be accessed via a steep and challenging route through the mine. There are four private twin-bed cabins and a romantic grotto room with a double bed, as well as a dining area, and bathroom facilities with simple toilets and sinks. The hotel describes itself as a “remote camp adventure experience” and is only open one night a week — Saturday. The evening begins at 5 p.m., when guests meet their guides, followed by a trek of 45 minutes into the mountain on a route that’s steep at times, but offers beautiful views. After a quick stop at a cottage to pick up a helmet, light, harness and Wellington boots, it’s time to say goodbye to the outside world and head into the depths of the world’s largest and deepest abandoned mine. Once guests arrive at their cabins, they’re on their own for the evening. Rooms have electric lighting, thanks to low-voltage batteries. Surprisingly, Wi-Fi is provided through an Ethernet cable from a 4G antenna on the surface. There’s also running water from a spring within the mine. The guide and a member of the technical staff stay overnight in the hotel along with the guests, providing a breakfast of simple snacks and a warm drink at 8 a.m. the next morning before it’s time to make the ascent.