The Rare Condition Called Skeeter Syndrome

If a mosquito bites you and you develop large areas of swelling 8-10 hours later, you may have Skeeter Syndrome. It’s a large local allergic reaction to mosquito bites marked by significant inflammation. If you have it, that means you’re allergic to substances in the mosquito’s saliva. Some people have so much swelling that they have difficulty moving. Although it’s relatively rare, Skeeter Syndrome can affect anyone, though it often affects children, older adults, and anyone who has an impaired or undeveloped immune system. Symptoms of Skeeter Syndrome include large areas of swelling, skin warmth, skin color or texture changes, itching, blisters and fever. The condition is often confused with cellulitis, especially in younger children. In that case, the antibiotics given for cellulitis will have little effect. Treatment includes oral antihistamines, hydrocortisone cream, and over-the-counter pain relievers. The good news is that Skeeter Syndrome is not contagious and it normally clears up in around 3 days.