The Cheez-It Gas Station That Even Has Gas Pumps Full of the Crackers

Along the dusty highway in Joshua Tree, Calif., travelers and locals alike might spot something a little different in town: an old gas station that’s been completely transformed into Cheez-It Stop. You read that correctly: it's the world's first and only Cheez-It gas station, complete with a gas pump that literally fills your car full of Cheez-It crackers. Located about an hour outside of Palm Springs, the Cheez-It Stop can be seen from miles away. As soon as you pull-up, you're greeted by the Cheez-It Pit Crew, adorned in red Cheez-It jumpsuits and ready to fill your bag, bowl, or any other container you provide. Inside the gas station, you’ll find all the Cheez-It merchandise you could ever hope for. So, grab your best friend and head out to Joshua Tree to experience Cheez-It crackers in an entirely new way.