Shop ’Til You…….Plop?

TJ Maxx is perhaps best known as a mecca for budget hunters on the lookout for their latest deal, but the chain is now going viral for a very different reason. Dozens of customers are claiming that every time they enter the store, they get an overwhelming urge to poop. Fashionistas everywhere are saying that the discount store has a laxative effect, and apparently it’s more common that anyone thinks. So, is there any science behind this phenomenon? Why yes, there is. When your senses are relaxed, or you smell a relaxing scent, your sensory cells work to analyze your surroundings. They will then send a signal to your brain to let it know it’s time for you to go to the bathroom. Your brain will decide whether you’re comfortable enough, and if it finds that you’re in a relaxed state, it will team up with your gut and begin to get your bowels moving. This happens when you’re comfortable, which is why many people only poop when at home……….or apparently at TJ Maxx.