Please Stop Stealing the Drive-In Cat!

The owner of the Brackley Drive-In movie theater on Prince Edward Island’s North Shore has asked moviegoers to refrain from taking home the theater’s resident cat. Timber enjoys joining people in watching movies, but his owner, Bob Boyle, says he needs to be left on the property as the credits roll. The orange tabby has gone missing a total of 5 times, being scooped up and taken home by people with good intentions. Boyle says it’s becoming more and more common because people think Timber is a stray cat. The father-of-four says Timber sleeps with one of his children every night and can’t imagine how heartbroken they would be if he wasn’t there. Sometimes Timber’s adventures off the property are accidental, like the time he curled up in the back seat of a family’s minivan and fell asleep. The family got quite the surprise when they got home, but it wasn’t long before they took him back to the theater. Pulling out all the stops to get the message across to theater patrons, Boyle recently began airing a short video before movies at the drive-in to alert patrons that Timber is a theater cat and not a stray. He’s hoping that a little education will put a stop to Timber’s many road trips.