Passenger Sticks Out 18-Hour Delay and Gets the Whole Plane To Himself

What would you do if you were the only passenger on a commercial plane? That was the case for Phil Stringer, a realtor from Greensboro, North Carolina, when his flight was delayed for 18 hours. He was given the VIP treatment, which included an upgrade to first class and the ability to order any food and drinks his heart desired. The solo traveler and the flight crew ended up turning the trip into a “party in the sky.” Stringer was originally supposed to take off at 6:20 a.m. on Sunday, but was told there would be a delay due to maintenance issues. When it was time to board the Airbus A321, he was the only one who showed up at the gate. Stringer said he felt bad that the airline employees had to work the flight just for him, but was told that to stay on schedule the flight had to be made, with or without passengers. In the end, Stringer said he and the flight attendants had a great time and a positive attitude turned an awful delay into a pleasant trip.