Kansas Neighborhood Fails To Receive Mail For Nearly 2 Months Because of a Dog

The 3000 block of South 46th Terrace in Kansas City, Kan., is a quiet, well-tended street of homes in the Turner neighborhood, but there’s a problem so bad that it has stopped mail delivery and driven one resident to tears. According to the U.S. Postal Service, the neighborhood has a vicious dog that has prevented mail carriers from making their normal deliveries. Resident Lisa White begs to differ, claiming she walks her dog several times a day and has never encountered a vicious dog. Nevertheless, the post office says the threat is real and because it’s not safe for their carriers to enter the neighborhood, they’re installing community cluster mailboxes at the end of the block. That was nearly 2 months ago, and the mailboxes have yet to be installed. In the meantime, residents are forced to make a trip to the post office in Argentine, Kan., 4 miles away, to pick up their mail. That post office is only open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to noon, so those who have regular jobs and can’t get their mail between those hours have to drive downtown to the city’s main post office. Residents were so fed up that they contacted WDAF-TV’s Problem Solvers for help. When contacted by the news station, the post office said the “dog problem has been resolved and mail will be delivered today and from this point forward.” However, a Kansas City Post Office manager told the news station that door-to-door delivery will not be returning, and that the cluster mailboxes will be installed. When WDAF contacted the postal service headquarters, they said door-to-door delivery will be returning and that whoever said it wasn’t is wrong. Over the past few days, normal door-to-door delivery appears to have returned. Ya gotta love the government.