Ireland Has a Plan To Repopulate Its Remote Islands By Paying People $92,000 To Move There

If lush green landscapes appeal to you, a new program in Ireland may be right up your alley. Several islands are being targeted for a repopulation movement that will pay new occupants up to $92,000. Despite robust tourism traffic that sees up to 300,000 visitors annually, fewer than 3,000 people occupy the islands as full-time residents. So, what’s the catch? New residents will have to agree to purchase one of the homes on the islands, which might need considerable renovation. No, you can’t live in a camper — the grant applies only to abandoned homes. While a subsidized house might sound inviting, keep in mind that the islands are the very definition of remote living. Some have populations numbering in the hundreds, with just a single store or school to serve the locals. Other islands have just one or two residents. Part of the Our Living Islands program seeks to make these areas more sustainable, with health centers and broadband Internet. The program is open to U.S. citizens, though the grant may depend upon whether a work permit or residency is granted.