Brunei’s Empire Hotel Offers $23,000-a-Night Suites That Blow Minds As Much As Budgets

Upon entering Brunei’s Empire Hotel, most tourists think they have died and gone to heaven. It’s not just the Empire’s old-world charm and elegance that impresses. The fact that the grand hotel is one of only two 7-star hotels in the world speaks volumes. From the meticulously uniformed greeters and million-dollar chandelier to the $500,000 Saudi Arabian crystal camel and gold fixtures everywhere, the Empire Hotel reeks of opulence. If you happen to want Empire’s Ambassador Suite, that’s going to set you back a cool $23,000 a night. That could be why guests are more often than not kings, oil sheiks, and an occasional world leader. Posh doesn’t quite describe the 7,200-square-foot suite. The long hallway is made of Italian marble and lined with 24-carat gold. Circling the dining table under a Baccarat crystal chandelier are 8 antique chairs with a price tag that has too many zeroes to list here. The living room features 3 cozy love seats and a big-screen TV — then again, every room has a TV. The walk-in closet is lined with mirrors and is the size of a decent studio apartment in Manhattan. The bedroom doesn’t have a king-sized bed — it has a Sultan of Brunei-sized bed. The four-poster bed with blue and white motif can sleep an entire family. Going through the French doors of the bedroom onto the balcony, there are views of a man-man lagoon, as well as the South China Sea. If you want to relax while you enjoy your view, just climb into the Jacuzzi, which shares space with a private swimming pool. You won’t, however, be able to enjoy a nice glass of wine in the hot tub. That’s because alcohol is not sold in Brunei, and you can only bring in 2 liters of alcohol every 48 hours. Maybe you don’t have to spend money like a king to live like one, but is sure helps.