Bride Comes Up With a Brilliant Punishment For Anyone Wearing White To Her Wedding

The dress code for a wedding might vary with each celebration, but there’s one rule that’s pretty standard: No one but the bride wears white. One bride, who we’ll call Mary for the sake of the story, recently asked her guests not to wear white. Unfortunately, her future mother-in-law didn’t take her request seriously. Before long, she began to show Mary pictures of the dresses she was considering wearing…….all of them white. Mary first tried nudging her mother-in-law toward a different color, then casually brought up the whole no-white rule. Mary even asked her husband to talk to his mother, as her approach was clearly not working. Then came the moment when Mary knew she needed to come up with a serious plan. Mary was at her mother-in-law’s house when a dress she had ordered arrived. When she pulled it out of the package, Mary was taken back — it was an actual wedding dress! Fortunately, the quality of the dress was very poor, so the mother-in-law nixed it. That’s when Mary came up with her plan for "the jacket of shame." It was a yellow reflective jacket that you typically see construction workers wearing. Mary and her sister set up a decorating table at her bridal shower so that all the guests could decorate the jacket. People wrote things like, “How dare you show up in white!” and “Are you the bride? I think not!” Needless to say, no one ended up wearing the jacket. As for Mary's no one's surprise, she showed up to the wedding wearing black funeral attire.