A Unique Rotating Mansion in San Diego Hits the Market for $5.3 Million

A unique rotating mansion in San Diego has spun onto the market for $5.3 million. The spaceship-like property, set on the sloping hills of Mount Helix, offers incredible views that can be enjoyed from all angles, thanks to 55 panoramic windows and, of course, it’s spinning mechanism. Built in 2004, the 200-ton structure is mounted on a steel track, decked out with 16-inch wheels. A 1½HP motor then allows it to turn 360º in just 33 minutes. Don’t worry — nobody is going to get dizzy. The fastest it can move is one-tenth of a mile per hour. The trickiest part of the construction process was working out how to stay attached to the utilities while turning the house infinitely in either direction. Designers came up with the idea of a central, non-turning stainless steel core to house gas, electricity, water and sewage components. There are automated systems for the climate control and lighting, and there’s an iris-scanning lock on the front door, so no keys are needed. In terms of living space, the property serves up a gourmet kitchen, a comfortable living room with a fireplace, a dining area, 4 bedrooms, and 3½ bathrooms. The bed in the master bedroom can also rotate. The home also includes a 2-car garage with a turntable that can rotate the cars 180º. Outside, there’s a circular deck, along with a large terrace space and terraced gardens, as well as a small putting green.