This Special Ring Tells People You’re Single

It seems like just yesterday when dating apps were the shiny new trend in the singles world. Now, with life becoming increasingly more virtual, many people are looking to become less dominated by screens. As a result, singles are hoping to find love from a more authentic connection in real life. In other words, swiping just isn’t as romantic as it used to be. That’s where the Pear ring comes in. Described as the “world’s biggest social experiment,” this $25 brightly-colored blue ring offers something classic, with a twist. Single people wear it out to signal that they’re “single and ready to mingle.” By wearing their Pear ring anywhere — the gym, coffee shops, concerts, grocery stores…..even at work — single people open up the opportunity for more interactions, without having to constantly be online. It’s hard to predict whether this latest trend will catch on, but people are definitely talking about it. Unfortunately, Pearring Company's first release has already sold out, with the second release expiring soon.