Thieves Steal 220 Sneakers — All For the Right Foot

A trio of thieves in Peru managed to pull off one of the dumbest heists in history — stealing 220 sneakers in various brands, all for the right foot. The hilarious crime occurred when 3 men managed to cut the padlocks at the back of a sporting goods store and steal 3 large crates filled with sneaker boxes. What the thieves didn’t realize was that all the shoeboxes they stole only contained sneakers for the right foot. The owner was preparing the shoes for display at a local sporting goods fair, and only included one shoe for each style. Authorities suspect the thieves have hidden their haul, since there’s no way they can sell the sneakers on the black market without having them in pairs. It’s just a matter of time before the thieves are identified, as they were caught on surveillance cameras in the area and left their fingerprints at the crime scene. The owner of the store estimates a loss of around $13,000 if the shoes can’t be recovered and returned.