The World Just Got a New Most Expensive Ice Cream and “Decadent” is the Key Word

Japanese luxury ice cream brand Cellato recently set a new Guinness record for the world’s most expensive ice cream with a decadent treat priced at a whopping ¥880,000 ($6,700) per serving. Byakuya — Cellato’s new protein-rich ice cream — consists of a velvety base made with milk, 2 types of cheese, egg yolks, and sake lees (a leftover from sake production known for its fruity taste). It’s topped with Parmigiano cheese, white truffle, truffle oil, and gold leaf. The high-grade ice cream has a faint sweetness, complex taste, and a luxurious, smooth texture. It comes packaged in a stylish black box and includes a handmade metal spoon. The white truffles, which come from Alba, Italy, are from a high-quality batch priced at ¥2 million ($14,900), which is what makes this ice cream so expensive. Cellato recommends customers allow the ice cream to soften a bit before serving, then mix in the truffle oil for a strong flavor boost. The company recommends eating the ice cream within 10 days in order to enjoy its taste and texture to the fullest.