The Subway Sandwich Shop That Required Union Membership To Enter

In 2011, there was a Subway that was so exclusive that to gain access to it you had to be a union member. That’s because it was opened just to provide lunch to the workers at One World Trade Center. The unique on-site shop was opened because the workers only had 30 minutes for lunch and were spending most of that time waiting for construction elevators to ferry them up and down. The Subway was built inside a container that was raised floor by floor as construction progressed. Needless to say, Subway employees, who were required to wear hard hats and safety vests, were a little nervous having to work while hanging in mid-air. Subway’s fresh sandwiches were only a hit for a short time before hungry workers began demanding heartier fare, like greasy cheeseburgers. That’s when Subway franchisee Richard Schragger decided to add lasagna, burgers, hot dogs and pizza to the menu of the temporary restaurant. In case you’re wondering why Subway was chosen, it had the best logistical and business plan under the unique circumstances.